Monday, January 04, 2010

new beginnings

Blah blah new year blah...

Frankly I feel no better than last year - worse at times. I envy those who seem to be able to squeeze creativity out of pain: for me it's a deadening weight in my mind, crushing all creativity.

Not to say that every moment of my life is filled with ennui, dolour, existential angst and inescapable misery. No, no - sometimes I'm asleep!

I kid.

Actually, I had a pretty fucking legendary New Year's Eve. One, unfortunately, that modesty, libel laws and the desire not to incriminate myself forbids I record here. Suffice to say that I burnt the candle at both ends - then upgraded to a halogen lamp.

I was also, against the odds and most undeserved, blessed with an absence of hangover. A small mercy but a welcome one.

Unfortunately the real world intrudes. Rude fucker that it is.

Blogyear resolution: I'm determined to overcome the self-censorship that has inevitably crept in eti (note cool unconventional othographic use of lowercase acronym - how fucking hip am I?). Unfortunately (or not - depending on your pov) today is not the day for baring my tortured soul. Gotta leave the punters wanting more, right?

Keep coming back for more irregularly updated windbaggery!



y said...

The punters are waiting with baited breath. x

helena said...

You're back! Brilliant! Me too! (I'm rapidly using up my quota of exclaimation marks!!)

Def agree with you on the blogyear resolution. Self-censorship does tend to creep in doesn't it? I reckon that the trick is not to read what you've written even after you've posted it.