Monday, January 11, 2010


Life is sucking for you? Don't ever think things can't get worse.

Had a big post ready to go about this but have thought better of it. Suffice to say that there are legal troubles afoot at work. They’re of a corporate nature primarily, but the dirt is starting to fly also. I appear to be getting in the crossfire due to my friendship with the girl I was talking to yesterday. Ending up in court testifying against each other should just cap off the relationship nicely.

I better leave it at that. Losing my job would absolutely make the start to the year legendary.

I think I'm going to start having vodka with my cereal in the mornings.


helena said...

It all sounds like fun!

But I don't think vodka on the cereal is a good idea. Why not start the day with campari in your orange juice instead? I can thoroughly recommend it...not only do you start the day with a smile, you get vitamin C as well. (and its a pretty colour).

fishboy said...

A much more sensible suggestion!