Thursday, January 21, 2010


Greetings interwebfriends, I had a big long rambling post half ready to go regaling the events of the big family dinner this evening and some of the explosions and fall-out from there (not as bad as it sounds - well, probably not to anyone but me).

But it's shite.

I'm still drunk, haven't processed the conversations yet and, to be honest, it's probably just not that interesting.

Not that I have anything different to offer: I had a lovely day hanging with Eroica. We drank coffee, ate at cafes and generally mooched about Christchurch. It was brilliant. Bought some juggling balls (which I have actually practised with this evening - it's going to be a long road..), went to multiple second-hand shops and totally failed to buy a suit, thought about gifts for significant persons in Sydney and equally totally failed to get anything.

A wonderful waste of a day.

I wish I could do the same again tomorrow but I'm being sent off to the peninsula to cut down trees. I guess I've had it easy so far - the slave-labouring had to come in sometime.

So, farewell until my return - hopefully tomorrow night but it depends if I get time off for good behaviour...

EDIT: Musta been drunk to manage to post that without a title. Amended. Have been saved from tree-felling by rotten weather. Will now go drink coffee instead - yay!


helena said...

what is it about family that whenever you visit them they get you to chop down trees?

fishboy said...

They seem to be under the misconception that I'm a lumberjack!