Thursday, January 14, 2010

star fuck'd

I'm too drunk to blog proply so I give you more horrorscopes:
The moon will be in retrograde for the entire length of 2010 which will lead to its eventual ejection from the Sol system. As a result of losing its main natural satellite the Earth will suffer from weaker tides and a long period of adjustment for nocturnal species who have evolved to measure passages of time and synchronise cycles of activity with the moon's hitherto regular presence. All this is bad news for Aquarians who will be blamed for the general upheaval of life by windsurfers and bats with the two previously disparate groups coming together to slaughter everyone born under this particular star sign in late August.
Lucky Pantone Colour: 4725 U
Man, I should not be this inebriated and in charge of a keyboard...

If you receive an email from me tonight please delete.

PS I love you.


y said...


Ps : we love you too.

fishboy said...

Thanks y, you're sweet :)
I've also been blessed with the lack of hangover today - gin again is my magic drink. Long may it remain so. Just back from a boozy work lunch too - this year is shaping up to be a liver-flogging one...

helena said...

Might be worth you contemplating a career change, you've caught the style perfectly.