Saturday, January 09, 2010


It's around 35 degrees C at the moment - my sympathies for those in the frozen north but could you send a little ice this way? At least for my G&T?

Tied one on a bit last night and am still suffering the effects. Have had a week of emotional rollercoastering (yes, it's a word - now..) and it was decided that alcoholic relief was needed. Which lead to, at some stage (1am? I think?), going for a late night swim. Yesterday, and the evening in particular, was not warm. Only the legendary amounts of booze prevented hypothermia.

I also discovered I've forgotten how to swim. Or perhaps that was just the alcohol.

Gah. I can't string a sentence together today: have also been to karate and several blows to the head aren't helping mental function.

I'm off down to the pool again to attempt to straighten my head. Or at least hydrate it.

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helena said...

No you didn't forget how to swim, it was the cold. Very difficult to swim in cold water.

Bacon sandwich is good for a gin hangover.