Sunday, January 17, 2010


Ok, everyone needs to stop going on about how skinny I am. My mother especially. Although, to be fair, she was going on about how skinny I was when I was 10kgs heavier. Which makes me wonder if she thinks I'm a walrus.

I don't even feel like I'm really eating that much less. But that may be the problem - the dissonance between what I think and reality. Which, it has been pointed out to me before, is a foible of mine. I just reckon reality should just get with the program and do as I say. It'd be better for everyone.


Have gone from a hot muggy Sydney summer to a cool drizzly Christchurch summer. Which reminds me why I don't live here anymore. Must go buy a hat now. Possibly a scarf. And most certainly COFFEE.


y said...

I would love a muggy summer right now.

Now, you don't look skinny, you're fine. Does that help? Not much? Oh.

Seriously though, eat.

fishboy said...

:) Thanks y, you made me laugh. I also would like a muggy summer. Will definitely not forget to pack it next time.

helena said...

Are we related? Because recently my mum's been going on about how skinny I am.

I think it's their way of showing concern without prying...

But Y is right. Eat.

frogstar said...

skinny or fat.. still hot. :-D
(yes, i am going comment crazy, i am finally ONLINE AT 87!)

fishboy said...

87? You don't look a day over 60!

eroica said...

i did tell you, didn't i, that i was asked the other day if hazel was my first grandson?
*still sniggering*
*also still waiting for my birthday morning coffee*