Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I'm not much for making new year's resolutions - but these few things have been hanging around in the back (and front, and occasionally to the side) of my mind for a while now. I figure if I publish them I might be more inclined to act on them:
Learn to juggle. Don't know why this has cropped up in my head - I'm definitely no performer. I just like the idea of keeping more objects in the air than I have hands for. And it allows me to make interminable jokes about dropped balls.
Find some volunteer work to engage with. Probably in the environmental/conservation line. Not sure what's available for someone living in the middle of a huge city but I'm sure there's something.
Learn a language. Ok, it's more of a long term thing - and I should learn French so I can converse with my nieces. Or at least know what they're scheming when I babysit.
Join Toastmasters or do some sort of public speaking training. I can jump out of planes or swim with sharks with no problem but the thought of talking in front of a crowd makes my sphincter clench.
Get a tattoo. At least one. I've got a deadline on this - need to have a design chosen as I have an appointment with a needle in a couple of weeks.
Send letters. Randomly.
There will be more as they take shape in my mind.


y said...

I admire your appetite.x

frogstar said...

i almost hope that you don't choose a design, so that i have to...

Language study said...

Nice resolutions planned. I especially liked your resolution to learn a new language this year. It is very important to have a knowledge of speaking different languages spoken round the globe.
Have a great new year ahead.

Jen said...


lots of day things and in city opps available when I was researching - links above are to one site - main and search page.

fishboy said...

Thanks Jen! I'd got as far as looking at the Botanic Gardens volunteer program but those are much more interesting.