Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I lived in the lovely yet somewhat sedate suburb of Glebe for years so being in Newtown is a definite change of pace:
At 10pm on a Monday the place is still bustling with activity and full of life. Won't sound like much to those of you who live in big cities but I grew up in Christchurch so this is a different world to live in.
This is probably the only place in the city where a Mongolian throat-singer can busk and make a living. A pretty good living from the attention he gets.
Also possibly the only place you would see someone skateboarding down the sidewalk playing a guitar.
Although this is more of Darlinghurst/King's Cross thing: the 2 metre tall black transvestite in stiletto heels sashaying down to the grocer's and making friends with everyone along the way. Marvellous.
Much else in my life is shit at the moment but this sort of thing makes me very happy.


Jen said...

can't wait to experience it myself!

fishboy said...

I'll start making a list of things to show you :)