Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Hi! Having a good time?"

I'm off to a wedding today and am bunking karate. Although, truth be told, I'd prefer to get kicked around by my sensei than go to the event. Not because of the people involved - they're lovely - but because the guests will include a selection of people I really don't want to be in a group situation with.

Ghosts of girlfriends past, present and.. well, not 'future', more exactly 'never-to-be'. Which implies that I'm Scrooge. Not sure if that's where the analogy falls down or not.

Just the thought of socialising with all of them at once makes me anxious. The prospect of having to be chirpy and bubbly and happy around 'never-to-be' makes my stomach churn. Yeah this is going to be a fun day.

I plan to get hideously pissed and make a fool of myself.

No, damn it - I wish I was able to do that. And just not care about the consequences.

But most probably I'll be reserved and unable to communicate much - just generally make anyone who tries to converse with me uncomfortable. Which should cement my taciturn reputation. Fuck I love being an introvert: it's such an awesome personality trait - people just adore hanging out with me! :-/

Right, I better go buy a belt. Save myself the shame of having my trousers fall down at least. Small mercies.


Anonymous said...

So - how did it go?

I hate weddings too, but I go when I'm socially obligated. There is so much about them that's annoying, false, absurd, and even just plain creepy.

(Of course, you can always amuse yourself over the absurdity...)

The best thing to do at weddings, I find, is play with any children attending and talk to some old people. I'm guessing that leaves out most of the folks you weren't that keen on socializing with at this one.

You Don't Know Me

y said...

Was it as painful as you feared? I hope not.

I haven't been to a wedding since I was 4. Either I'm a social pariah or my friends just don't seem get married.

fishboy said...

Anon: I survived it, that's probably the best that can be said. I'm not a fan of weddings either but this one was lovely - being a second chance for both of the parties and they very much want to be together. That part was lovely. I dealt with it by getting pissed.

y: It was bad. But the worst thing as far as I'm concerned was my own behaviour. I really really wish I had been more pleasant to be around.