Thursday, December 17, 2009

morning haiku

Still easing back into blogging...

Frangipani: sweet
Blossoms path my morning walk,
Naff stickers on vans

Hi! how have you been?


y said...

Hard to get back into the habit, isn't it. Especially when you're not sure if people are listening.

I am!

Be well x

Jen said...

I just got a new tee...

Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don't make sense

I'm listening too....not talking myself tho.

frogstar said...

i love that tshirt, jen!
and on the whitewear theme... i regret not buying the one that states "refrigerators are so cool".
jeff, f'king awesome that you're back, now i can just leave comments here rather than writing posts over at mine (not that i have been).

fishboy said...

y: I sometimes feel I'd be more comfortable if I didn't know anyone was listening... I know I could turn off the comments and pretend but then I love getting comments. I'm a fickle and contrary attention whore.

Jen: I've got that on a hoodie! Love it :) If you ever feel like talking again you've got an avid audience here.

Eroica: Feel free to blog here all you like babe. God knows I probably won't be doing much of it myself...