Monday, February 08, 2010

sunday shining

Yesterday was possibly one of the nicest days I've had in months. Many months.

A lazy start to the day at home, which is always a good thing for a Sunday. It's been pelting down here for days on end so it was very nice to be inside watching the clouds unload (whilst eating porridge - still unable to chew properly). I love rain. And, although Sydney doesn't get many rain days, when they do occur they tend to be monumental.

Fortunately most of the rest of the day was clear. Which was good since I spent it wandering about Balmain, Glebe & Newtown in the delightful company of the monikerless girl who'll be gone in a couple of days. We seem to have gotten back the depth and closeness of friendship we had last year. Finally! Yes - just in time for her to leave, but at least it's ending on a high. Sometimes that's the best you can hope for. To tell the truth it's still pretty damn good.

Maybe we'll meet again, if we do maybe there will be a friendship there still - maybe not. Maybe there will be something more. But for now it's good to know that the connection is real and mutual. And, although our time together has been cruelly short and tumultuous, there's very little I regret. Well, apart from the times I was an absolute dick of course.. (but that's a fairly common regret of mine!).

Tonight I go to dinner with her and my current ..lover? ..squeeze? (not sure of the terminology there, it's all pretty relaxed and casual - which is lovely and I wouldn't want it any other way at the moment) who is also a very good friend of hers. She (the departing one) wondered yesterday if it was going to be awkward - and perhaps I ought to be nervous.. but I somehow find the prospect of dinner with a couple of beautiful, intelligent women who actually seem to like me appealing. I'm weird that way :)


eroica said...

and you deserve it, i'm so glad your day was beautiful.

fishboy said...

Much of the last few days has been beautiful. Also really sad. But mainly beautiful.