Saturday, February 06, 2010

all bark

Caught a knock to the jaw at karate today and am currently unable to chew. Am also ravenously hungry (a good thing!). These two things do not go well together. Currently preparing rice noodle soup with a bit of tuna. Hopefully will be able to eat it.

Plan B is eat custard, watch tv and possibly sulk. And plot my revenge...

In other news - it's bucketing down in Sydney and all Sydneysiders are going mad. As they always do in the rain. Very short memory for moisture in this town.


helena said...

ouch!! Get some arnica cream!
I have to say though that delicious as the rice noodle soup sounds, Plan B sounds even better...(put some advocaat in your custard though - revenge plotting always goes better with a bit of alcohol)

y said...

Milkshakes with protein powder in them..

I had jaw surgery a year ago, I know all about not being about to chew for long, long periods of time... :-)