Thursday, December 18, 2008

...with a whimper not a bang

Or more precisely a 'meh'.

I think it's time to draw a line under this blog and call it done.

It's lasted 5 years and has pretty obviously run it's course. I barely update it, almost never say anything personal, pertinent or insightful and just don't really have the interest in it anymore. Hell, I haven't checked my site stats for months.

I've no regrets: although losing the anonymity was a blow I didn't get fired, lose friends or get cut out of anyone's will (so far as I know..). And I've met some wonderful, weird and wonderfully weird people - some of whom I've been lucky enough to meet in person too.

I'm loathe to say I'll never be back (concocting blog-posts in my head is something I still do) but this is my official retirement.

It's been fun people. Thank you all for your comments, links, email, chat, etc. And thank you to those people whose blogs inspired me to do this - especially those sites I still visit with pleasure (and envy *s*).


Thursday, December 04, 2008

let the day come soon...

My wealth is measured in terabytes of lolcats.