Wednesday, January 20, 2010

zero sum

Though I never intended it this seems to have become a daily blog. I never really knew what was going to happen when I finally sat down to unload - I'm a little surprised absolutely stunned at what's come out. And still terrified. But, as I'm beginning to realise, I tend to end up doing the things that scare me most. Eventually.

Anyway. Today has been a... neat graph of a day as far as my mood is concerned. A sine wave perhaps? I don't know - I was always crap at trigonometry (not even sure that's the right discipline).

It started fair to middling (although a largely sleepless night really didn't help) rose substantially when hanging out with Eroica (whose birthday it is today: a ripe old age of 28 :)), dropped throughout the afternoon, before rising again in the evening.

This is despite the fact it's been a gorgeous day and I've spent a lot of it lying in the sun. With my notebooks. And, as they say, there's your problem!

No matter how good the quality of the day - if you're spending it recording your munted attempts at introspection you're not going to have much fun. I cut out earlier in the evening to have a walk in the hills and clear my head, which is where the sine wave of my day started lifting again.

Why is it that we seem to equate walking with uncluttered thinking? Possibly because it seems to work. Also: making friends with alpacas is a lovely mood lifter. This may be difficult if there are none near your home but keep your eye out, you may be surprised (I was). They're just so odd and cuddly, it's hard not to grin.

So, in conclusion I have little to say. And yet manage to use a lot of words saying it. Round up:

Lack of sleep = bad.
Coffee = good.
Best friends = good.
Sunlight = good.
Time alone with messed up head = bad.
Writing letters when sad = bad.
Introspection when down = bad.
Walks = good.
Alpacas = good.
Missing lost friends = bad.

Hope = good.

Now: to bed and sleep. Perchance to drool.


eroica said...

coffee again in the morning with someone who thinks you're super = good?

(hurry down the hill, you alpaca smooching fishman!)

fishboy said...

Hey! My meeting with the alpacas was entirely platonic! At least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it...

y said...

I would love to befriend an alpaca myself.

fishboy said...

Come down - I'll introduce you.

eroica said...

y, i could also introduce you to the darling llama if you came down this way. we'd all have an alpacariffic time!

fishboy said...

..and if that's not enough to scare you off I'll warn you that the puns don't get any better!