Saturday, January 23, 2010


It took nearly seven days but I've finally had a wonderful, relaxing and fun time in Christchurch*. But I now leave in less than 2 days: I suck at holidays.

The people I know here are unlike any I've encountered in Sydney. Which is not surprising really since these people would be very unlikely to live in such a place. I miss New Zealand for the New Zealanders, not the god-awful climate..

I need to be around these kinds of people more.

I'm not sure what to do with this realisation.

* Other than time spent with Eroica (and her family) of course, that's always been good :)


Jen said...

I was just thinking how good it was to 'hear' you again. And then I realized how my absence from my own blog must make others feel. Weird. And not intentional. *sigh*

Chin up, little camper!

fishboy said...

It would be lovely to read your words again - more than the restrictive format of Facebook, that is. I think we all know that blogging is a cyclical thing: there are times when it comes naturally, other times when it's like pulling teeth to write, and sometimes you just can't put yourself out there.

Whenever you're ready to blog again you know you've got an audience (not sure if that helps tho..).

Thanks for your support Jen :)

y said...

'Wonderful', 'nice 'and 'relaxed' time! That's great to hear!

y said...
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fishboy said...

I've been happy. Now I have to leave again and am sad. But the happiness more than balances the scales.

helena said...

Take more holidays?