Saturday, March 13, 2004

saturday night is alright (for piking)

So here I am, at my 'puter on a Saturday night when all my flatties have gone over the road to the Dux to see Dubwize play. Am I a sad bastard or what. Actually I got as far as the door to the Dux before doing the disappearing act that I am (justifiably) famous for.

I just can't deal with crowds much these days, can't be bothered with shouted drunken conversations, and dancing when you're not feeling the vibe is a sham. Gah.

Oh bollocks. I'm feeling guilty for ditching them all, especially Mel since it's her birthday. I'd actually like to hang with my flatmates, just don't have the energy and I can't seem to force it... Getting shitfaced would probably help but I've got to work tomorrow (and every day for the next 2 1/2 weeks, argh) and being hungover at an aquarium is never a fun time.

Bugger. I'd better go over and see them all. Later gaters.

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