Thursday, March 18, 2004


Ooo, I think I just saw a ghost! Anyone who knows me will know the uber-skeptic that I am and that I really don't believe in any netherworldly stuff or ectoplasmic crap (that's a great name for a band btw) but I'm a tad perplexed at this one.

Came home 20 mins ago and parked up in the carpark out back, as I was coming inside I glanced up at the back window of my flat (Stephen the Whinging Pom's room) and saw a head moving past the window in the dark. Thought "oh no, Stephen's home, am I going to have to argue with him about the shopping bill?" and was pleasantly surprised to find his door closed and therefore assumed he'd gone to bed. So I log on to check my mail and 5 mins later Stephen comes home... He's been out in Lyttleton all evening and I know he couldn't have snuck in (since he's about as lightfooted as a concrete elephant), there's no-one else in or awake, the house has been silent since I got here.

Now it takes a lot to creep me out (apart from spiders of course, they give me the heebs...) but I found that genuinely unsettling.

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