Tuesday, March 16, 2004

link round-up. git along little doggies...

Aka the post you have when you're not really having a post, or don't have the inspiration for original thought.

Haiti. The second part of a historical essay from Gary Brecher, very much worth the read.

Families and how to deal with them? I've got to say that Candelario was seriously out gunned by Manuel's .45, but he must have been a crack shot. I always thought dueling should be legal, just so that if I was ever challenged and they said "Choose your weapon!" I could reply "Feather dusters! At 10 paces!".

I want sooo many of these. I'm a t-shirt fiend and I'm sure I can find appropriate venues for such beauties as Michael Jackson Did Not Molest Those Children - He Made Love To Them, By The Time You Read This You've Already Read It, and This Is My Clone. I love to offend, annoy and confuse...
(thanks to Tam I Am)

Bush and Kerry side-by-side. Well, their blogs at least.

This from the late and extremely lamented Douglas Adams. More on making the perfect cup of tea and why it is vitally important to the world.

Sexual averages. Everything you never wanted to know about genitalia but have been forced to find out...

Evil Sheep from Mung. The David Blaine Assassination Game is also a lot of fun, heh heh...

And the best for last: The Exorcist in 30 seconds, re-enacted by bunnies. Fantastic.

Night all.

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