Saturday, March 20, 2004

drugs - a pointless ramble you'd be better off avoiding

Not the fun kind I'm afraid. I wasn't going to blog tonight, trying to sleep and all that, but I've taken a couple of pills I wasn't intending to. Oops.

I've got a bit (galumphingly large, really) of toothache at the moment. Got punched in the mouth at karate the other day (thanks Eddie!) and my front tooth is not in a good way. It's the same tooth that I had knocked around by Ra a few years ago (drunken playfight outside the dux, don't ask) and that time it took about 10 months to settle down enough that I was able to eat an apple without cutting it up first... So I'm probably looking at a similar length of time again, dammit. Ah well, my own fault - hadn't sparred for a couple of months and I was definately leading with my face. Lesson learnt.

But in any case it's been giving me a little pain. I'm a funny one when it comes to drugs: I don't really like to take painkillers much, I figure that my body is producing the pain as a reaction to something therefore to take the pain away interfers with the body's ability to deal with whatever (ok, probably doesn't make sense but there's reasons for that that I'll come to). Mostly the pain that I've encountered has been from physical injuries at karate (or drunken foolishness) so the pain is a good thing - stops me from doing that thing again (whatever it was) or teaches me to avoid letting someone else hurt me. Pain has a purpose (just to clarify: this theory applies to myself, not anyone else - when teaching karate I don't tend to inflict pain to teach a lesson unless all other avenues have been exhausted)

On top of the tooth-ache I'm house- and cat-sittling for my folks for a couple of days and their two Abyssinian kittens, while lovely and absolutely gorgeous, are a handful and very active - going wild every 30 mins or so. The little buggers woke me up last night when I'd finally managed to haul in some zzzzs. I wasn't impressed. And one of them made a break for freedom in the morning, and nothing I did would persuade her to come in, I was 30 min late for work but still hadn't re-captured the little sod. Had to come home twice during the day before catching the slippery wee devil...

So this evening I'd had enough. I was around at Mark & Kirsty's for dinner and in a grumpy mood, so rather than be a sulk I had a couple of panadol which did the trick for a while. Had a fun evening. Just got home a wee while ago and was feeling the painkillers wear off so though I'd have some more to help with the sleep process (ha! fat chance, but hope springs eternal...). Unfortunately I didn't look properly at the packet prior to ingesting the pills and have since found that I downed a couple of extra strength panadine. I'm now beginning to feel the codeine come on, my fingers are getting all funny feling and I'm nicely light-headed. Getting a bit weird now, better go lie down.

I think I'll be sleeping well tonight! I just hope I wake up for work in the morning...

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