Friday, February 06, 2004

super ninjas

We had a grading for a couple of yellow belts last night which was fun. Despite my turning up late and as soon as I had my gi on having to take the class for jack-knife sit-ups (aaarrrggghhhhh!!!). Considering I haven't done any real exercise for about 6 weeks now I think I didn't embarrass myself terminally...

On the whole the standard was good, perhaps I'm a little too harsh in my opinions of how the lower belts generally do kata (ie badly) but I have to remember that they're new to it and it'll come with time. The fighting was good though, given that the two being graded were female and tiny. I wonder if I ever had that enthusiasm for trying to hit people when I started. Well, actually I know I did, and was far more uncontrolled and a danger to myself and others for many years. These days though I'm slowing down a little (lot!) and the control is significantly better.

So I'm actually beginning to think about going to summer camp this year... Not that I think I'm in the condition that I should be for my grade or anywhere near the fitness level I'd like to be. But the experience would be fantastic and a definite boost to my enthusiasm for karate.

Got to see if I can afford it though, see how things go when I get to Sydney and if I can find a decent (or any) job, how much rent costs, etc etc.


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