Friday, February 06, 2004


Frank has come up with this wonderful idea of 'celebrating' valentine's day in a much more realistic and bitter way.

Now I know I'm supposedly on the other team for this one (being that I'm heading to Sydney to live with my beloved, or "following the poon" as has been somewhat less delicately put...) but, as far as annual occasions go, my deep dislike for Valentine's is only exceeded by my loathing for Xmas.

No, I tell a lie, Mother's (and Father's) day just beats it.

But the point is Valentine's day = big pile o' steaming crap.

So, following from Frank's suggestion I will be hosting a soiree at my humble abode on the night in question, kicking off around 7:30ish with the ritual smashing of a printer to be included in the festivities at some stage. Most probably after an unreasonable amount of gin has been drunk but before hand-eye co-ordination becomes impaired to the point of endangering each other. (Sad to admit I haven't even seen the movie Office Space, will rent it this week to fully understand the mindless destruction)

If anyone is interested please get in touch. Or just turn up. Whatever.

Some rules apply though: the usual ones about not alarming my cat, injuring my pot plants, or damaging my books. Also, don't let me drunkenly lend you books ("Fuck, you gotta read thish one. Fuckin' brill'nt. Or thish one, love thish guy. Besht author ever. Fuckin' 'mazin'. Should read thish one firsht though. Give you some background. And thish one'sh shimilar too. I'll get you a box") , or at least remind me about it the next day.

And if you drunkenly agree to take some of my crap, *ahem*, I mean fine accoutrements, once they leave the house you can't bring them back.

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