Wednesday, February 25, 2004


Well, it's not just the inability to sleep tonight, my slapper flatties are also having drunken fun with the downstairs boys which would be keeping me awake if there was any chance I'd be sleeping.

I fear that Bananny may shag Tom.


That girl... love her as much as I do I despair at the type of guys she's attracted to. I mean Tom is an 18yr old blondie who would probably be considered good looking and 'cool' by many young females of the white pants type. But the guy (a) is as thick as pig shit drying in the sun, (b) thinks he's hot shit, (c) smells. And he's the kind to be all smug and act 'studly' because he shagged a hot chick. Pillock.

But hey, it takes all kinds and Annie needs to get laid. If only so she'll stop going on about it! Not that getting some will make any difference though, she's just constantly hyper-sexualised.

Oh well, at least it's still generally amusing. And she is a lovely girl, just has far too conventional and boring tastes in people.

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