Tuesday, February 17, 2004

34. yay.

Another year older.


Am suffering from a huge case of... Shows how tired I am - took me several minutes to remember the word 'insomnia'.

This would have to down as probably the worst birthday for at least 12 years. Not because of any outside thing - my wonderful flatmates (well, the good two thirds of them...) baked me a cake, made a card and gave me an awesome cd (The Black Seeds, "On The Sun"). I went out to dinner with my folks and the ex-wife last night which was good (despite my sincere wish to be dead in a ditch at the time...). The girls in to coffee shop next to work were all lovely. Bronwen from work sang happy birthday. As did crazy Penny with her flatmates, leaving weird messages on my phone. Got text and email from many others too (including my brother which was great).

But I just feel like nailing my door shut and curling up in a ball in the corner of my room.

Haven't been this low since the bad old days.

Nuff. To bed, perchance to sleep...

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