Friday, February 27, 2004

mental condition

My malaise/depression has now been down(up?)graded to melancholy. A condition I am far more comfortable with. This has come about by the simple act of wallowing for a few days. Listening to slash-your-wrists music, watching sad movies, thinking about death and impermanence. Never fails to cheer me up.

Some of the music that has helped me through this has been by the astounding Interpol (about whom I shall continue to rave, frothingly), DJ Shadow, Neil Young's creepily wonderful soundtrack to Dead Man, Belle and Sebastian, and the not-of-this-world Flaming Lips. Rounded off by hearty doses of New Order, Joy Division, the Wiseguys, the JPSE Experience, the Eels, Minisnap, Moving Units and Lemon Jelly. Plus a lot of listening to rdu (of course).

Music defines my life. I'm better these days and can go some hours of urban existence without musical input but I used to be unable to sleep without the radio on (to my girlfriends' annoyance). Of course these days I don't sleep at all but that's a different story.

Anyway, mental state = upbeat melancholic. Which for fishboy = happy.

PS Did I enthuse enough about the movie Last Night? (rhetorical) I don't believe I did... See. This. Movie. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Although I dreamt end-of-the world dreams after watching it. But that wasn't too bad after all, and actually made me feel ok with the thought of all life on the planet being snuffed out. You'd love it Frank! :-D

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