Thursday, February 12, 2004

return of the blog

So I got sick of Eroica harping on at me about the blankness of my interweb life. Here you go Bobo. Don't say I didn't warn you...

There have been a number of reasons why I've not been keeping up with the cyberjoneses, primarily it's been lack of time. But the other reasons are just as crippling really. I've been way over-thinking this thing - that's why they call me overthinking fishboy! Well, no, they don't. But they would if they knew what was going on in my head all the time. First they'd be running and screaming though, secondly trying to capture me with nets and tranquilizers... hell, I'm just proving my point here... *Anyway* Eroica pointed out that I was thinking about it too much and overthinking is bollocks and I should just sit down and do it so I'm trying to take her advice and this is the result. Crap init?

There're a lot of things I'd been meaning to write about over the last while, feels like a long time since I've been properly blogging but it's probably only a couple of weeks (I have an aversion to going back and reading my previous posts, except to spell- and grammar-check, so I don't know how long). Much has been happening. Some of you may know that I'm preparing to move countries (don't actually think I've mentioned it here before) and this is turning out to be a bit of a logistical nightmare... Or what I imagine a nightmare would be, since I don't sleep much I seldom have dreams that I remember and almost never experience bad dreams. I sometimes wonder if I'm missing out... But I digress (which should be my title really, given that I am congenitally unable to stick to a topic. I blame my parents and the free-flowing after-dinner conversations we have always had. Someone shoot me please...).

Fuck, completely forgot what I was talking about.

As you may be able to tell, I'm a little distracted at the moment. Nothing too unusual is going on ('cept we're being evicted but I'll cover that later) just that I have a deadline - move out of the flat on the 7th April, leave NZ on the 18th. And I've got a house full of crap to relocate.

And a cat.

Especially the cat. Very upset about that. Makes me sick to think about leaving him. Several of my previous girlfriends had commented on how I love my cat more than them, and I've come to agree with them really. But in a lot of ways he's been better to me than they have (but then I treat him better than I treat anyone else it's true). On the whole Livingston hasn't tried to fuck with my head and the injuries he's inflicted haven't been nearly as scarring. Hmmm.

Right, lets avoid thinking about that till closer to the date shall we? Lovely.

But back to my main point (and I'm sure I had one somewhere...), I'm just feeling the pinch of time and deadlines and the fact that there are too few hours in the day and too many of those hours spent doing things I'd rather not be doing and the free time I have is spent procrastinating and avoiding actually doing anything because the job of sorting out my stuff and getting it all moved is so enormous that I'd just prefer to burn the house down and run naked and shrieking into the night.

There. I think that sums it all up nicely. Night night.

Edit: So after writing this crappy stream of consciousness drivel I obviously forgot to post it and got increasingly annoyed at Blogger for not updating my site, which I'd been checking to see if it all looked ok, until I actually went into the site and saw that it's all my fault really and consequently feel a bit of a tit. Sigh.

I'll back-date it to last night in the interests of chronological consistency.

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