Friday, February 27, 2004

fish tale of woe

I have a pair of injured thumbs today. Due to my own idiocy of course, which is not unusual. The unusual part is that I was digitally (as in fingers not 'puters you geeks) slashed by an eagle ray in the process of trying to extract her from her tank.

The most dangerous part of a stingray is the tail with the rather nasty serrated barb. So as she was flapping about in her consternation I grabbed the tail to prevent getting speared through the face and having my tongue turned into a kebab (yes I have an overactive imagination). Upon grasping the aforementioned tail I discovered almost immediately that I had the business end of it. My lightning fast reflexes taking over I quickly released the spike impaling my thumb. Thus allowing the tail to swish around like a really sharp thing on a frantically thrashing tail (so I'm overly literal, sue me).

Quickly realising that this was a bad situation to be in I again leapt for the tail (rather than running the fuck away, never said I was smart). This time I used my other hand, preventing further injury to the already damaged thumb and allowing a fresh thumb to be violently lacerated (refer to previous disclaimer of intelligence). From there it was a simple staggering lurching run to the quarantine area to unceremoniously dump the bastard in the pool.

So other than dripping blood from both hands the operation was a great success. Hope the swine dies.

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