Sunday, February 22, 2004

(ab)normal service resumed

Sorry about the paucity of posts from fishworld, life got in the way.

Yesterday was a special day, being the wedding day of two of my friends. Steve and Virgenia have been together for about 6 (7? Seems like a looong time) years now and got married first about 3 years ago when in the UK so V could stay and work there (Steve being of English extraction). But this was the real deal. And the largest gathering of the 'clan' for some years, nearly the entire NZ/Oz contingent were there barring Ginge, Greg and Craig (who hasn't been seen for years in fact...). Great to see everyone again, made me remember what a fantastic bunch of people they are (on the whole. Minor irritants aside!).

Wish I'd been feeling better and could have enjoyed it more, but then you just can't force happiness on yourself. Managed to have a good time anyway, and it was great to see Steve & V so in love. That was really beautiful. I often scoff at the whole 'wedding' thing but when it's such an obviously sincere union like theirs you can't be cynical. Joyous occasions, happy couples, loving bond and all that - sometimes it's actually true. Thank god.

Blah. I hate to compare but it makes my emotional state seem very beige by comparison.

Anyway, perhaps more on that later.

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