Wednesday, August 11, 2004

stuff n things

Just to begin to clear my backlog of scribblings, quotes, ravings & links here are a few for your viewing pleasure:

Most bizarre thing seen at the Sydney Sexpo: the novelty "Yodeling Cow with Attractive Breasts". Go on, try and imagine it.

Favourite quote about America:
"Well, dere's a lot a lot more gun crime in de US, crack iz more havailable, and de porn is a lot more hardcore. But dere iz also some fings about it dat me don't like."
- Ali G in Entertainment Weekly

Interesting movie teaser. Not for the religiously inclined.

Driving behind a ('flesh-tone' pink) car the other day with emblazoned on the back, the fine print underneath reading "maximum capacity 1387 nudies". (Apparently they're a drink company with 37 reasons for calling themselves nudie)

On a recent trip to Melbourne (and rather overhung), when passing a large 12 story brick building that appeared to have no windows someone remarked "perhaps the windows are on the inside?". Hilarity ensued. And peaked when we saw the sign on the building that said National Eye Hospital (they don't really need windows then do they?). Well, it was morning and pre-coffee...

Right, now I've gotta go iron a shirt. Yeeuch.

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