Monday, August 09, 2004


Just to ease myself back into blogging here's one of those interminable lists that you find scudding about the interweb. I've always wanted to do them but had been afraid that once I start the compunction to keep doing them would take over and I'd never blog anything else again. Oh well, here goes...

30. Favourite Movie(s)?
The Princess Bride, Bladerunner, The Exorcist, American Splendour, Ghostbusters (just a small selection).
29. Favourite Colour: Green. Or red. Sorry to the colourblind.
28. Favourite Food? Potato salad. Or cannelloni.
27. Pet(s): Cat (estranged).
26. I would nominate as a holiday destination: Place I've been to: Golden Bay, NZ. Place I'd like to go: Cairo.
25. What talent do you wish you had? Any musical ability.
24. 3 most precious possessions? My cds, my books, my cat.
23. Favourite Artist(s): Antonio Gaudi, William Hogarth, Picasso.
22. Favourite Song(s): Currently: "Fuzzy" - Grant Lee Buffalo,"Turn It Around" - The Black Seeds, "Obstacle 1" - Interpol, "Mighty Little Man" - Steve Burns, "Set You Free" - The Black Keys
21. Embarrassing moment: The twice yearly turning up to work an hour early/late because of daylight savings. Every time. Without fail.
20. Perfect Job: Hermit. With internet of course.
19. If you were to be stuck on an Island 3 famous people you would choose? Meh. Famous shmamous. But my loins lead me to venture with Christina Ricci, Jennifer Connelly, Janeane Garofalo
18. What were you in a former life? A totem pole.
17. Three words to describe your dress sense? What IS that?!
16. Favourite part of your body? My hands.
15. Favourite Smell? Coffee.
14. Whose poster did you have on the wall growing up? I had dozens but none of people as far as I remember.
13. Favourite Memory? As a child: 7 yrs (ish), midsummer, lying in long grass in the sun watching bugs just going about their daily business.
12. Your Fear? Deep water (go figure!), heights.
11. All-time favourite TV Show The Simpsons.
10. If you can be one animal, which one would you be and why? A bear. Eat salmon and berries then sleep all winter. Ahhhh.
9. Most adventurous thing you have done? Modesty and legality force me to pass on that one...
8. If your apartment/house of fire what 3 things would you take? I don't have much in this city but: my cds, my jeans, Rupert's ashes.
7. First famous crush? Debbie Harry.
6. Favourite Book: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
5. Favorite Fruit? Tomato. Yes it is a fruit.
4. Favourite Drink? Coffee, gin & tonic, beer.
3. Where were you born? Vancouver, Canada.
2. Three words to use by others to describe you? Amorevolous, erudite, verbose.
1. Favorite desert? The Sahara.

(via Michelle, blame her)

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