Saturday, August 28, 2004

git along little doggy

So we're shifting into the city.



We have basically one day in which to achieve this and have done shag-all in the way of constructive packing. Lots of the shift-things-from-where- they've-been-sitting-for-ages-and-put-them-in-a-pile-somewhere-else type packing but none of the put-things-into-boxes-and-organise-everything-so-we- can-actually-do-this-thing type.

I hate moving, but I think I hate being in Mosman more. I'll let you know how that competition goes over the weekend.

The new place is in Darlinghurst which is much more Bohemian & grotty than this 'burb. Fishboy is returning to his people. Junkies, hookers, goths, drunkards & drag queens. Ahhhh, that's better.

Anyway, blogging may be limited for a while since we don't have a phone on in the new place yet. And we're both paupers after forking out the obligatory 4 weeks bond & 2 weeks in advance. It's going to be a lean week. Mmmm weet-bix for brekky, lunch & dinner. My fave.


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