Monday, August 16, 2004


Bloody computers.

You've only my word for it (would I lie to you?) but I've just had several posts of scintillating wit erased by this bloody machine aided and abetted by the interweb. Mostly Blogger's fault: it took 6 tries to get the last post onto the web and even then it seemed to think I was blogging from the future (insert some witty reference to the Hitchhiker's Guide, blah, blah, oh I don't care anymore...).

The last couple of posts complaining about this (most eruditely and entertainingly) have gone where only the net gods can see them. So those annoying bastards will be having a right old chuckle.

My pearls of wisdom not even enjoyed by swine. I don't mean to say that any of you are pigs! Not that anyone could tell, in cyberspace no-one knows what species you are. Um, I'm just digging a deeper hole aren't I? Bugger.

Anyway, my dash is done.

I'm off to bed to sulk.

Here's someone else's interesting stuff:

Luciano Pavarotti's former manager Herbert Breslin estimates that over the last 30 years Pavarotti has "gained and lost more than 5,000 pounds." The average adult hippopotamus weighs 5,300 pounds. So Luciano has gained and lost a whole hippo.

(from Popbitch)

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