Wednesday, August 11, 2004


So I went to see the latest Harry Potter installment tonight. Mostly because I'm a fan of Alfonso Cuarón and partly 'cause I've seen the others and just can't leave things unfinished unless the series is beyond hope. I sort of enjoyed the books but the movies were a bit of a snore so I was hoping against hope that this one wasn't a disappointment.

Well, I wasn't totally let down. It was considerably better than the first two and a lot darker (bloody scary for a kids movie) And the CGI was superb, as well as the kids acting with the CGI (never an easy thing). Still too damn long and the acting isn't what you'd call fantastic from Daniel Radcliffe. And could Gary Oldman chew the scenery more?! Still it had Timothy Spall as a rat so it wasn't all bad. Emma Watson is still the best find of the young actors though.

So. To sum up - I wasn't appalled, there were only a few moments where I'd wished I'd brought a book and I didn't come away wanting to steal one of the seats to get my $12.50's worth.

Still you've probably all seen it long ago so this won't be of any interest. And if you haven't then you're not planning to and more power to ya. If you're at all interested, read this absolutely hilarious review. Far more entertaining than the actual movie.

Quote of the day:

"The mediocre movie explains everything twice and always means exactly what it says. It waves its sincerity aloft like a truce flag. It leaves no questions unanswered. It tells you exactly where you should stand in relation to its characters and its subject matter. It is frequently soothing because it tells you that you are right. Then, too, it can be like an unrelenting host who holds you captive until you finish every last morsel on the plate. But it tends not to stick in the memory because there's nothing there to wonder about."
- Vincent Canby -

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