Thursday, January 15, 2004

salmon chanted evening...

Sorry, couldn't resist that one. We hopefully have the whitespot infection on the run now, although the tank temperature is all over the show. But we have two healthy looking atlantic salmon in quarantine till the main tank is given the all clear. The last atlantic salmon on display in New Zealand, after these two there will be no more...

To continue the fish tale (they just keep getting better don't they?)... So Dave was taking photo's for identification purposes (I was half expecting him to whip out a wee ink pad and take it's fin prints, perhaps roughing it up a bit in the process) and whilst in the process of trying to get that perfect lighting on the fish's good side it leapt right out of the tank (it's the truth yer honour, he jumped of his own accord, the sergeant wasn't anywhere near him at the time).

I'm beginning to think Dave's nerves are shot because he didn't even bat an eye, there I am making a beautiful slo-mo dive for the momentarily airborne piscean (and, despite my karate honed reflexes, failing dismally) and he's just rolling his eyes and grinding his teeth. Actually, looking back on it he might have been having a seizure. Hmmm.

The fish is fine though, thanks for asking. Hopefully it learnt a valuable lesson about throwing itself out of aquaria.

After all that we still are no closer to finding out what it is. Might be time to bring out the thumbscrews. Or finscrews. Whatever. I bags being bad cop.

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