Wednesday, January 28, 2004


Had a really good day at work, which is surprising enough on its own to blog about, but I put it down to a visit to my favorite shop and an indulgence the purchase of some rather fine tunes.

Firstly, and I've been wanting this for a while, I got Moving Units's ep with the simply marvelous tunes 'Between Us & Them' and 'I Am' on it. These guys rock! And they're supposedly coming out to NZ this year, I only hope it's when I'm still here.

Next, continuing the jangly angular indie rock theme, I got the latest Interpol cd 'Turn on the Bright Lights', a wee gem that's been growing on me the more I've heard of their stuff on the radio. They're starting to get noticed by commercial stations now so expect repetitive thrashing of one or two of their songs this year...

Thirdly I bought Scribe's monumental double A-side 'Stand Up/ Not Many'. Coz everyone's gotta have it :-)

Lastly, and as a bit of an impulse buy, I got the Black Keys' cd 'thickfreakness'. And oh my god! I'd been hanging out to get all the other stuff I bought and this one last side thought has damn near eclipsed them all! I had a quick listen in the shop and cracked a huge grin at the few opening bars of the title track. These guys are quite fantastic - the thick, dirty fuzzed-out bluesy guitar riffs, the muscular drum work, his voice... Fuck these tiny computer speakers, I've gotta go listen to this LOUD! Later gaters.

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