Monday, January 19, 2004

old news

An excerpt from an article in The independent about the Columbine massacre:

Evan Todd, a popular football player and school hero, told reporters: "Columbine is a clean, good place except for those rejects. Most kids didn't want them there. They were into witchcraft. They were into voodoo dolls. Sure, we teased them. But what do you expect if you come to school with weird hairdos? It's not just jocks; the whole school was disgusted with them. They're a bunch of homos, grabbing each other's private parts. If you want to get rid of someone, usually you tease 'em. So the whole school would call them homos, and when they did something sick, we'd tell them, 'You're sick and that's wrong.'"

Insert obvious disclaimer that I don't support teens shooting each other (except if it's to be a reality tv show, Running Man style), but fuck! Well, you bully-boy conformist, you saw kids who looked different to you so the thought penetrated your sloping, Cro-Magnon forehead that they therefore had to be evil. So they must be persecuted, teased, bullied, ostracised, physically beaten, mentally & emotionally abused, basically crushed till they crawled off to die (somewhere where you couldn't see it, eh? Out of sight, out of your very tiny mind, huh?). But sorry to say, those ones didn't go quietly. I frankly don't blame them (no intended reference to Frank there, but it's apt!)

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One of the most telling points I thought was that the 'Trenchcoat Mafia' at Columbine, and similar high school killers all over the US at the time (who remembers now?), should be seen as part of a wider culture of endemic low-level violence, persecution and aggressively policed conformity. A-fucking-men. A little introspection please America, 'nuff with the hand-wringing and sort your shit out.

Right, I think I've gotten that out of my system. I just fucking hate bullies and can empathise with the underdogs all too well.

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