Thursday, January 01, 2004

NYE wrap up

Last night was a lot more fun than anticipated. Considering how tired I was and how jaded I've been on the whole "fun" thing too... And despite RoBo managing to get us completely lost on the way - even though she had explicit written instructions in front of her! Sigh.

A pretty low key affair - only 9 or 10 of us there, but they were all fairly well written before we got there. Bloody tequila, the curse of my life - just when I thought the karate club was growing out of it my friends decide to take it up! Aaaarrrgghhh. Bluuurrk.

Crazy antics abounded: a lot of hooning around the field in the dark in Bex's car with 3 or 4 people clinging to the roof. Who'da thunk a bunch o 30somethings could be so teenagerish? Hope that Goatboy & Kenny's fotos come out so Sam can someday see how idiotic parents can be... But it was a lot of fun. A perfect night - still & warm & sooo many stars! I'd forgotten how many are up there since only a dozen or so manage to shoulder their way through the Christchurch haze & light pollution.

Talked to J&J which was great, they sounded a little lonely. The days of having large meetings of the clan are waning, they've been on the decline for some years but the Chch pickings are getting thin. I never thought I'd be one of the departees either but I'm out o here soon... It's a depressing thought but barring a wedding or two to come, the biggest gatherings will be at funerals. Blah. Too depressing for this wonderful day.

Had a great night, Goatboy was spectacularly trashed and trying to beat me up as usual. I'm always trashed as well so this was a new experience to see our playfighting from a sober perspective. What a pair of fools! Hee hee! Mick showed me some capoeira moves which looked really cool, tho I'm pretty sure I'd be totally uncoordinated if I tried them... Probably break something. So good to hang out wih him again too, we don't see him down here often enough.

RoBo made a friend there too (slapper!) and so didn't return to Chch with me but 'slept' under the stars... Heh heh heh - and you accuse me of hitting on your friends & family?! Pot to kettle, come in kettle...

More on last night later, the morons are vexing me so I must go smite them...

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