Monday, January 26, 2004

reincarnation day

According to my diary, today's the day to choose what to come back as. I'm going for evil alien overlord.

Anyway, apologies for the lack of blogging (or, if you prefer, sorry that I'm back) but life has been getting between me & my puter.

A few quick links for the interested:

Very Important Things - everyone go there right now as Green Fairy says. Bloody hilarious.

Zombie Infection Simulator - can't remember where I got this from but it kinda reminds me of 28 Days Later... without as much blood & screaming. Thankfully.

The March of the Sinister Ducks - "Sneering and whispering and stealing your cars, reading pornography and smoking cigars"

A public health warning - perhaps a little too late to be seasonally correct but I fucking hate Xmas (bah humbug) and I thought this was hilarious.

Filthy Hedgehogs - Spaz hole... snigger. It was the Big Pants Trekking that attracted me there originally (of course). Just check out the whole site, it's all good.

Righty, I've got things to do in the so-called real world. Later lovelies.

Addendum: Just found this through Peter Mac. And snorted my viente latte all over the keyboard. Go look.

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