Sunday, March 14, 2004

notes from the night before

Standing at the bar having a drink & watching the band when a beautiful, dreadlocked woman comes up to me and says "are you from New Zealand?". A little taken aback (I was trying to blend-in & go unnoticed) I reply "In a way". She says "what do you mean?" so I explain about being born in Canada. Then she says "I could tell" and gives me a big grin (possibly at my reaction which was startled to say the least). She, it turns out, is from Winnipeg so her Canadian radar was picking me up (across a crowded, noisy bar... How romantic!).

So we danced and grooved to the reggae, she has the most infectious smile I've come across for a long time. After the gig she & her mates (a couple of lovely beardy hippies from overseas and an NZ girl) came back the flat where there was a wee after-party going, skanking down to Katchafire. We hung out for a while then they pushed off into town to play more and I headed to bed. So much for having an early night, but I had more fun than I expected to. Good things can happen even when you don't think it's possible.

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