Thursday, March 04, 2004

more communiques from the insane penelope...

She just gets better. Yesterdays one:

Hey J, since u r just doin kata 2moro nite y don't u come 2 jujitsu? I mean y dance when u can kill?

Followed today by:

I am off 2 jujits. If u want to ditch girliekai u can come along. We'll save u a haematoma.

And a bit later:

Coming 2 jujitsu? Just passed Pat McGregor [coaches the NZ karate team, general hardass and P's old karate teacher] in street in lyttleton... luckily he didn't c me due 2 art of light & shadows. Phew!

Unfortunately, I am just too damn tired to do anything at the moment. I should have been at karate tonight since it was the first training of the new term but I didn't finish at work till far too late and at my current energy and fitness levels am more of a liability than an asset...

I've got to do some exercise though, and I need to be training for when I get over to Sydney. I may have mentioned before that our sensei lives in Sydney now and he's going to Florida in July for Natsu Keiko (summer camp) where he'll be testing for 4th degree (whup-yer-ass-and-you-won't-even-see-it grade). So he's in peak condition. I on the other hand am dough-boy.

I'm going to die.

Apparently this site has come to the attention of the karate boys, or at least Darel (hi Dazza! How are Helen's knockers doing?), to whom it is a great source of amusement. Yuck it up fag boys.

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