Sunday, March 14, 2004

morning all

So I did go out again last night, and I did have a good time despite myself. Dubwize were as solid as always, even though I dislike Papa Levi as an MC I can see that he's pretty good. I think my problem with him stems from his radio show and a couple of early gigs where he was obviously off his tits and consequently a bit crap.

The Dubwize reggae show on rdu is a source of joy and frustration for me. On the one hand they play some excellent music and have a wide collection of reggae music of all types (slightly too heavy on the ragga/dance-hall/jungle for my tastes but that's a personal miff).

On the other hand they are the worst djs I've come across for a while - not monotone and boring, I'll give them that, but they come out with the same fucking dj cliches every goddamn week! "Big ups to the Christchurch massive" gee thanks guys, "give thanks and praise to the most high Jah Rastafari" umm, well, no thanks - but knock yourself out, "respect to the one love [insert name of dub artist here]" I'm sure he's chuffed, "respect to the emperor Haile Selassie" hmmm, ok we'll not get into a historical discussion here..., "Jah love, I and I in all" you have a nice day too, "one love, some irie music coming your way" so zip it and play some you stoned fool. And much more in that vein until you're shouting "shut the fuck up!" at the radio.

Then they talk over the music - which for guys who are supposed to consider this music a spiritual and devotional thing seems a little odd. And bloody annoying when you're grooving to some phat dub beats and some rasta pillock comes on spouting faux-Jamaican lines. Sigh.

I have no complaints about the show last night though, they delivered the goods. And respect to them all, even Papa Levi (a man who has knee-length dreads hasn't just jumped onto the rasta boat & skinned up like so many dreadheads), they are very good at what they do and put on a good show. My fave mc from their contingent, Iya far'I, was in great form last night, as was Raggadon whose vocal stylings are under-used IMHO. Messenjah as always on the decks provided a solid core of bassy dub beats mixing in some Jamaican dancehall when the MCs took a break.

The vibe was as pleasant as you'd expect from a reggae gig (have you ever been to one that wasn't?) and the ganja smoke wafted freely through the crowd in true hippy style.

Well done chaps, good show.

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