Saturday, March 20, 2004

drugged up ranting

Yup, still awake. Even codeine can't take me down. Feelin pretty damn good tho! :)

Well I've been working for 14 days straight now and I've got 7 more before my next day off, all of which is pretty sucky. On top of heavy duty insomnia there's nothing quite like day-in day-out mindless grind with no relief to crush your spirit and break your will to live...

But on the plus side - I've now got only 10 days till I finish! Yeeeehaaaaaaa!!!

And 4 weeks from tomorrow I leave for the big smoke that is Sydney, to seek my fortune, find true love and avoid another goddamn Christchurch winter. Also yay!

Bugger. I had more I wanted to say but my mind's sedate (thanks Shihad). Back to bed now. Nighty night

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