Thursday, March 11, 2004

glimpses from pennyworld...

A round-up of the last few texts from the inimitable (and formidable) Penny:

I want a guinea pig. It's nearly my birthday [its not for about 8 months actually] - I could teach it 2 do stunts on a little bike

I may have mentioned before that she works as a pre-school teacher:

The snot-rockets r gr8: Caitlin has just cut off her hair starting at the fringe & working backwards. She now has a styley mullet

Must have been a bad day, later was this:

Fucking kids. Emma has painted her head, Caitlin is bald, Natalie just sneezed on my & we r out of coffee. Hey do shark turds float or sink? [They sort of disperse and sink, or get eaten by other fish. It's kinda gross...]

A few days later:

Hav just been out minding granny. I taught her some jujitsu blocks & got her to copy my kiai [the loud yelly bit] - she was pretty good. She also flushed her teeth down the toilet. Oops.

I'm not making this up and I've a dreadful feeling that neither does she. Some people have far more interesting lives than you'd imagine...

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