Sunday, March 07, 2004

link whoring again...

Some interesting and otherwise tidbits I've turned up recently:

George Orwell on tea-brewing. Who'd have thought there was such an art to it? Or that anyone would care so much? The English, how the hell did they manage to colonise nearly the entire world? (from Linkmachinego)

I know every blogger and their blogdogs has mentioned this but I also am ecstatic to find the entire History Today series online. If you've not seen Newman and Baddiel here's a sample of dialogue:

RN: See that Michael Bolton?

DB: Oh dear. I am aware of his work.

RN: That's your haircut, that is.

(from Green Fairy)

Raleigh relaunch the Chopper! Yay! (via Weapons of Mass Distraction)

An early history of Haiti (up until independence from France). Part two coming soon. (from Ken MacLeod)

Another sign of the end of the world (I'm sure frogs are in Revelations somewhere...). Blinky aint got nothing on this guy! (these guys?)

But apparently the Doomsday Clock isn't getting any closer to midnight, or at least hasn't since 2002. Not getting any better though... (thanks to Ober Dicta)

Finally, a bit of perspective in the Interwebthingy. Old I know but always relevant.

Ciao peeps.

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