Wednesday, January 28, 2004

shameless thieving (again)

From The Scroll of Emptiness, this neatly sums up what I think with the added benefit of my not having to find my own words with which to say it. Thanks!

GE is scientific progression forward. This is a good thing.
GE has dangers. This needs to be well understood, and these dangers need to be actively guarded against.
The way to guard against dangers isn’t “Ban the dangerous thing!” it’s “Understand the dangerous thing, and make sure it does no harm. ”. Fire is dangerous, but many of us allow it in our homes under controlled circumstances. Likewise electricity, knives, water and string.
I support people’s right to not partake of genetically modified foods, and as such, I support compulsory labelling.

(Via No Right Turn.)

And, yes, I know I've been on anti-GE protests and I know I'm supposedly helping my Greenpeace mates out with this kinda thing but... Sorry guys, I had misgivings at the time but you caught me before coffee on my day off. I was weak. When it comes down to it I'm a scientist and think that things should be researched. Knowledge is good, knowledge is power. There are no inappropriate questions. Cliche cliche. Only by learning things can we hope to make a positive difference. My two cents.

Anyway, didn't get nearly as much puter/interweb catch-up time as I was hoping tonight. Many more things to talk about here to but they'll have to wait for a later date coz I'm to bed. Think I'll have to set aside a weekend just to peruse the whole of Frank's site. Bro, you got a lot o good stuff there.

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