Monday, January 12, 2004

nocturnal ramblings

So, it's been an interesting evening. And well into the morning to! Had some great visitors even if they weren't all getting on with each other... Eroica and Cam spent a fair amount of the evening off arguing with each other which wasn't a problem for me since that left me to talk with the lovely Hadassah (awesome name!). And I was impressed with the wee girl - she may be only a teenager but is pretty clued up and extremely well read. Was going to make some acerbic comment about her taste in men there but I'm not as nasty as the Bitchfrog. Cam's a nice boy, a bit full of himself and needs to chill out a bunch, but on the whole a good guy. Anyway Cambo - I think she's pretty serious on the boyfriend. Not that you can tell much from someone when you've only met them once, just a gut instinct. Nice to meet someone as passionate about books & language tho, if she does come over again I'll no doubt be forcing books on her...

I was going to write more but I've really gotta do shit tomorrow so I'd better get to bed. Toodles.

PS I've decided to drop the attempts at anonymity & making up nicknames for everyone, it was taxing my imagination too much. I was rationalising it to myself a while ago by saying that no-one reads this site anyway so there's no need to protect identities but have just recently gotten my first commenting visitor so that screws that argument. Oh bugger it, I'm just too lazy to bother with all the deceptive stuff - barring releasing my own name of course! One must have one's mysteries ;-)

Anyway, awae w' yeh t' bed.

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