Sunday, January 11, 2004

heeeeeeeeeeere's fishboy!

I'm back again, after a wee hiatus of blogging. I know - I've only been going a month why would I need to take time off? Well, it's been Xmas (bah humbug) and New Year (random cynical mutterings) and summer and people and drinking and late nights and work and karate and coffee and more people and random events and going out and an almost total lack of inspiration. But I promise to do better from now on.

In actual fact, the inspiration has been there but it strikes me at odd times when there's no way of recording my thoughts. I had an epiphany the other day when feeding the fish, but the fact that I was snorkeling with sharks while holding a large piece of raw meat kinda drove it out of my mind. By the time I'd toweled myself off the thought was gone forever... Sigh.

Also I have these flashes of brilliance (and I realize you've only got my word for it but would I lie to you?) which happen most often at night and the sequence of events often goes like this: *ping!* (the sound that a brilliant thought makes usually, although sometimes it's more like that sound you get when you hold one end of a ruler on a table with the other end over the side then lift the free end and let it go producing a sort of thwblwblwblblwblblwbll. But ping is easier to write), lights-on, find glasses, drop glasses over side of bed, gingerly explore under bed for glasses while trying not to find anything that might make it impossible to avoid the fact that I need to tidy my room, get up, disturb cat, get lacerated by said feline, wrap towel around self so my nudity doesn't offend aliens watching my every move (I know they're there...), get paper, rummage for pen, find pen, try to get pen to work, try to write on blood soaked paper, find new paper, try to remember thought, sit down, stand up again real fast, remove cat from buttocks, retrieve paper from behind wardrobe and pen from pot plant, give up trying to remember, attempt to get past enraged cat to phone for an ambulance before passing out from blood loss. This happens several times a week.

Right, gotta go coz am being invaded by weirdos.

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