Friday, January 30, 2004

hi ho, hi ho...

So, here I am at work wantonly wasting work time on writing blog entries rather than doing what I'm supposedly paid for. Davewah is up in Kaikoura for a couple of days to go collecting (and has borrowed Tattle's boat which he describes as the water borne version of a jet-powered tricycle...) so consequently I can spend time faffing around up here. Not that I can do much with this 'puter because it's so old and slow. The 'upgrade' it received last year improved it from a coal-powered monstrosity to a kerosene burner. Well, at least I don't have to stoke it every morning.

Crap, I've gotta go feed the fush. I'll leave you with this marvelous email from Claire, in response to my thoughts that she should get comments enabled on her blog and that we should see a movie next week.

Memo: To Agent C********

From: Agent N*******

Re: Suggested visual edification enterprise

Am inclined towards responding in the affirmative to the above proposal, next weeks schedule predisposed towards acceptance early in the week, notwithstanding employment obligations and taking into account long overdue return of top medical drama Monday night.

Regarding proposed feedback function on weblog: Am considering imminent consultation with colleagues for the express purpose of enabling said function; nocturnal habits of those possessing appropriate technical capabilities proving thus far prohibitive.

As always, the employment of your chronological resources is highly valued by the Committee.


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