Monday, June 28, 2010


Here's a horror of a confession. One that will cause my indie cred - never exactly at a triple A rating anyway - to continue to slide towards Greek economy levels of bankruptcy.

Though it's against all better judgement and against my will I'm beginning to like Muse..

And appear to be obsessed with their song Supermassive Black Hole - despite the cheesy naffness of the lyrics, the derivative rock-by-numbers of the riffs, the whiny falsetto and the general douchery of the band. I'm mortified.

This, on top of my penchant for OK Go and the fact I have more tracks by The Killers than The Pixies on my iPod, makes me worry that my musical tastes are blanding into middle age.

How long before I begin thinking U2 are relevant? Or start listening to Nickelback?

If I do I will have to kill myself - although if it ever gets to that stage it can be safely assumed that I'm already as near to brain dead as makes no difference. Somebody just pull the plug.


eroica said...

i bags pulling the plug!!
because, if your musical tastes nosedive, then so do mine! you KNOW you are the only one keeping me credible, right?

eroica said...


fishboy said...

Very 'ish'...

On the other hand I am beginning to really like Radiohead - 15 years later than everyone else.