Tuesday, November 23, 2004

the old fashioned way

Right, here's an offer that you can easily refuse.

Since I'm so totally failing in the email department (there are people I owe email to that have probably forgotten who I am) I am henceforth (and fifth) declaring that if you give me your snail mail address I will write to you. Yes, I will actually put pen to paper and physically make the chicken scratchings I pass off as writing.

Then I will [drumroll] post it to you!

Wherever in the world you happen to be.

I make no promises as to the quality of the letters, in fact I can pretty well guarantee that they'll be shite, even if you manage to decipher my munted hieroglyphic-like scrawl. But I will write.

This I do swear on my fishy heart.

Email me, if you don't want to leave your addy in the comments.
fishboy AT gmail DOT com.

Any takers?

PS You've got till the 18th of December, coz I'm flapping my way back to NZ then and won't be writing much while I'm away. People to see, places to go. You know how it is.

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