Monday, November 22, 2004


I bought a book yesterday. First book I've bought for a while, perhaps 6 weeks. Which, for someone who used never to go through a week without purchasing at least a couple of books (and a cd, but that's another story), is an alarming trend.

My book reading has tapered off since discovering weblogs. And, although I love the interwebthing and am NOT giving it up, I miss the books.

I miss having a stack of books by my bed, reading them all at the same time (no, not like that you idiot, reading them concurrently).

I miss having books in my bed. Under my bed. Under my pillow. *sigh*

But anyway, yes I bought a book. It's Iain M. Banks' latest sci-fi, The Algebraist. And I already love it simply for the gorgeous cover. I'll keep you posted on it.

In other book news, the woman reading Siddhartha on the bus finished it today. The guy who's reading The Catcher in the Rye wasn't there, or I at least I didn't see him, but he's been going on that book for so long now I think he's just doing it for the pose value.

I haven't seen the Hemingway woman for a while (I keep missing that bus), but the woman that reads pulpy crap was reading some such pulpy crap again today.. can't even remember what it was.

The most amusing thing recently was the 50ish very dapper greying businessman in an impeccably tailored suit reading a street press (Drummedia or somesuch) article on Missy Elliot. That had me smiling all morning.

Edit: I got mail from my favourite superhero today. I refer of course to Cerebus the Aardvark, he of the snout-punch and third-person monologues. Well, not directly from him, from him via his creator who's giveaway meme I saw mentioned by Neil Gaiman.

So I am the proud owner of a copy of Cerebus #164 signed by Dave Sim and Gerhard.

I love this comic, despite the fact Sim has degenerated into a frothing loon (google him and you'll get links to some mysogynist forum thingy..). I just love the way it looks, and the first 150ish issues are cracklingly brilliant.

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